Cheapest Backpacking Tent 2021 | Top 10 Backpacking Tent Under $100

From the perspective of a backpacker, a backpacking tent should be in the cheap price. But without compromising quality and features. So, keeping these facts in my I am here again with this idea. What if I will choose the 10 best Cheapest Backpacking Tent under 100$? Sounds exciting, right? Yeah, I was also excited when I was researching about this. I got some really cool backpacking tent which has the almost same capability, as like pro cheapest Backpacking Tent has.

But you may say this is not too much strong and other staffs. Ok, let me remind you, If you are looking for the best cheapest backpacking tents then check out our Top 10 best cheapest backpacking tent under $100 review. And this list who are casually want to take the short trip. Though 100$ is less money still you will get best backpacking tent. So, without further introduction let’s start our 10 best backpacking tent under $100 review. 

01. Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2- Person Tent

Let’s begin our list with this fantastic backpacking tent from Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent. This freestanding backpacking tent really good one on the market. Because with just in 89 dollars offering 2-person tent. This Tent is made from two fiberglass poles.  And its polyester rainfly is best one for resist water. Also, it has two doors and two vestibules. And also I need to mention that, each door has a zippered window too. This will help to provide enough ventilation to brings better comfort. This backpacking tent weighs just 7 lbs. And 5′ x 7’6 base size with 46″ center height. For better comfortable living and cheap price this one is best.


  • Able to live two people with enough comfortable.
  • It has enough ventilation system.
  • This is a freestanding tent, which means it can easily set-up anywhere within a short period of time.
  • It has two doors and vestibules.
  • Enough waterproof.


  • It has not enough height.
  • Some customer claims this one leak on wet weather.

02. Eureka Solitaire Solo Tent

Are you planning to backpack solo? Then this backpacking tent from Eureka Solitaire Solo Tent will be the great option for you. This tent has everything which is appropriate for the single person. It has a fiberglass frame to maintain a lightweight tent. Also, this backpacking tent easily packable and takes less space on the backpack. And, this backpacking tent also maintains well ventilation and other services which are important for you. So for your own solo trips, I think this one will be a perfect choice for you. Though this tent doesn’t have freestanding features still this is a great backpacking tent for a single person. 


  • Lightweight backpacking tent which is great for a single person. 
  • Easy setup option and it has more strength. 
  • Great ventilation system to keeps interior dry and liveable.
  • Also enough waterproof. 
  • Huge interior space. 


  • Poles are not so strong so you have to be careful about that. 
  • It has no freestanding facilities. 

03. SAFACUS Backpacking Tent

Here is another awesome backpacking tent which is available on the market. There is almost every possible feature which can blow your mind. This portable backpacking tent is known for their quick setup advantage. Also, the aluminum frame gives enough strength to sustain in the wind. And it has rain fly with silicone coating nylon. By the way, with two doors this backpacking tent also provide better ventilation system. And, SAFACUS has different size option which is great! Becuase, if you need a tent for a single person then you can buy that. And, if you need a tent for multiple people like 2 people or 4 people then you can choose a different tent too. Which is very important because if you are traveling alone you don’t need to carry extra weight or spend extra money. So with a minimum cost, they are providing great service. 


  • There is an option to choose the size. 
  • You can setup this backpacking tent within a few minutes. 
  • This backpacking tent is very lightweight. 
  • Also, it has enough ventilation system because of their two doors. 


  • Because of their cheap price, aluminum is not so much strong. 
  • As like every lightweight tent, this one will also fail on high wind. 

04. ASLE OUTFITTERS Ultralight Backpacking Tent

This is an ultralight backpacking tents from ASLE OUTFITTERS which is specially made for backpacking. This is one of the best tents on the market for two people. It is a dome style freestanding backpacking tent which has two poles for the frame. And, this backpacking tent has maximum liveability that will keep you almost same feeling as living in the house. Also, This backpacking tent has enough ventilation facilities too. Because this tent has two doors to produce enough light and air in the tent. And, this is a three season compatible backpacking tent. So, you can use this tent in summer, falls, and spring. I think in this price range expecting a four-season backpacking tent is a foolish idea. This three-season lightweight freestanding backpacking tent is most popular now. 


  • Maximum livability for better comfortable feelings. 
  • With two doors it provides enough ventilation. 
  • This tent has the freestanding feature to shift and setup tent quickly. 
  • The best option for two people. 


  • Customer claims this backpacking tent is not enough waterproof. 

05. Sowin Family Camping Tent 3-4 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent 

Ok, if you are willing to travel with your family or friends, I mean if you are willing to travel 3-4 person then these lightweight backpacking tents will be worthy of your money. It has 4.6 squire meter interior space to live with comfort. I think that is way enough space for living three people. For four people it may be little tight but strongly recommend for three people. Also, it has two huge to doors to enter and exit easily and two big pockets to keep your utilities. And, this backpacking tent takes 5 minutes to setup. Which is also a great option to choose this backpacking tent.

Though this is a huge tent still it has minimal weight. It weighs just around 7lbs. So why not, for living multiple people I think this will be the great choice for you, When we are talking about 10 best backpacking tent under 100. 


  • Huge interior space to live comfortably. 
  • And, it has two huge doors to enter and exit easily. 
  • Also, it takes just five minutes to set up or folds up. 
  • And, you removable rainfly is also a good option. You can remove rainfly with dry weather to enjoy great sky view.
  • It has two large windows too, to provide maximum ventilation facilities. 


  • I think they should give us an option for choosing a size. 
  • Not recommended for a single or double person. 

06. Campla Camping Tent 2 Person 3-4 Season Backpacking Tent 

Here is a four-season capability backpacking tent under your desired budget. This tent is from a company called Campla. This backpacking tent has enough interior space to live two people with comfort. And, it has two partial doors and pop-up windows to flow the best ventilation into the tent. Also, another added feature is built-in LED light with a USB port. That means, with your power bank or similar devices you can light your backpacking tent when needed. And, it has the double wall too though is made of polyester. I think this is way enough to resist water. And with this price range one of the best option for backpacking tents. Also, they provide wind ropes. That will help to give the best support on the heavy wind. Overall, this is a good investment. With 100 dollars price range, a 4 season backpacking tent is way better. 


  • It has the four-season capability which means this is stronger than a normal tent. 
  • And it is also lightweight according to its services. 
  • You can setup this tent very easily within a short period of time. 
  • It has a built-in LED light with the USB port. 
  • Better weatherproof. 


  • Customer claims zipper is low quality. 
  • And interior space is not enough. 

07. Camel 2-3 Person Rainproof Instant Camping Tent

Here is another 4-season capability backpacking tent. I am talking about this tent mainly for one reason. And that is, it can setup so quickly that you will not believe. From the customer’s end, it can setup within a minute! Sounds cool, right? And, because of four-season capability that means it has enough rain and other weather protection too. It is a double wall backpacking tent. But still, it has enough ventilation facilities too. If you are live two people then I have to say, it has great interior space too. The only down part I am seeing that it is a bit heavier than other backpacking tents when it is a two person tent it should be less weight. 


  • 4 season backpacking tent highly rain and windproof. 
  • It can be set-up easily & fast. 
  • Enough interior space to live two people with comfort.
  • You can detach rainfly to enjoy the sky in the night. 


  • A bit heavier than normal. I think 7 lbs is not an ideal weight for two people backpacking tent. 
  • The overall build material is very cheap. 

08. Sowin Instant Screen House Tent

This is the second time I am introducing backpacking tent from Sowin. In the above, I talked about 3-4 person backpacking tent. And, here is their two-person backpacking tent. Which they called, Sowing Instant Screen House Tent. This instant house tent can set up anywhere within two minutes. And, it is a double-wall backpacking tent. That means it will be enough weatherproof too. It 3 squire meter living which is suitable for 2 people but best for single use. And they also have two doors and two mesh window to produce enough light and air into the tent. 


  • It can set up within two minutes or less. 
  • Automatic instant easy setup.
  • It has enough ventilation to live with comfort. 
  • This is best for kids. 


  • A bit heavier than normal. 
  • This is not a freestanding tent.

09. Geertop 2-person 4-season Backpacking Tent

This is a backpacking tent from Geertop. This 2-person backpacking tent has 4-season capability. That means this tent will provide you with maximum protection from the weather. And double-wall tent will also help to keep the tent dry and livable. And this freestanding backpacking tent can set up anywhere by a single person within a very short period of time. But this is not like another 2-person backpacking tent which has minimal space for living. It has a huge space for living two people with comfort. And also has two doors and vestibules too. It has enough ventilation system. But a bit heavier. But still, this is one of the best backpacking tent under $100 in our desired budget. 


  • Build material is way better in this price range. 
  • Also, it has four-season capability which will give you best protection from snow, rain, and wind. 
  • Best comfortable interior space for two people. 
  • It has freestanding features.


  • I think it should be less weight, while it has just two people living capacity. 
  • Few customers claims about rainfly. 

10. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

You may notice that I started this article with a tent from ALPS Mountaineering, and ending with the same company. To be honest this is one of the best companies on the market for producing backpacking equipment. So, this is a single person backpacking tent from them. As like others tent from this company this one also allows you to assemble tent easily. It has a two-pole design with three-season capability. This freestanding tent has one door and vestibules which I think enough for a single person. And this is one of the best selling single person backpacking tent on the market. And, as usual, they providing lifetime warranty service. 


  • Easy setup within a short period of time. 
  • Very lightweight to carry on the backpack. Also, takes less space too. 
  • It has enough ventilation facilities. 
  • And it has durable zippers. 
  • Also, this company provides lifetime warranty service.


  • This tent is not appropriate for the winter season. 
  • Also, it fails on the heavy wind. 

Buying guide of backpacking tent

Here I will try to focus on a few points which will help you to find the best cheapest backpacking tent within 100$ budget. 


According to how many people you are going to travel with you have to choose a tent. If you are usually traveling solo or double then you can choose a double tent. But for more people, you can go with a bigger size. I will recommend buying one size bigger than you need. By the way, I think in 100$ budget 2-person backpacking tent will be best. Still, I gave some good cheapest backpacking tent with a large capacity. You can choose on your own. 


Weight is the biggest fact in backpacking trips. So, try to buy minimum weight backpacking tent. But, when you are looking for something in the budget then it will be hard. For this budget, I think 5 lbs is an ideal weight for two people tent. You can still buy less weight backpacking tent if you are willing to spend more money. 

Time takes setup 

Here is another important thing to keep in mind. For the backpacking trip, you should have to setup on fold quickly. That’s why most of the tent from my list can setup easily. In the market, a freestanding tent is best for assemble easily and quickly anywhere. I will say, go for a freestanding tent. 

Weather protection

So when you in outside. You must have to conscious of the weather. According to that, you have to choose a tent which will provide you with maximum weather protection. Normally three-season cheapest backpacking tent is enough to protect from rain and wind. But if you can get a four-season tent that will be better. But keep in mind, the four-season tent is heavier than three-season backpacking tent. So if you are traveling in the dry area I would like to recommend three-season tent. And, I think you should go for double-wall backpacking tent to enjoy better weather protection. 

Doors and vestibules

If you living in a single tent then I would say, a single door is enough. But, if you are living more than single then, of course, go with a tent which has double doors. Also, vestibules are important to storage your gears. And keep in mind, your tent should have to provide enough ventilation to live comfort into the tent. 


For any kind of tent, a footprint is an important thing. It saves your valuable backpacking tent from the weather. It keeps your tent floor dry and wet free. But most of the cheapest backpacking tent doesn’t come with a footprint. But you should have to buy one separately. It will be a good use of money. 

Buying Online

Buying online is another big issue. You should go for a well-known company. They are providing excellent customer services. Also, you can buy anyone on my list which I gave above that will be best. 

And, that is all I have to say about the 10 best backpacking tents under 100$ budget. If you are still not satisfied with these Cheapest Backpacking Tent then you can check our list for the 10 best Cheapest Backpacking Tent. but I think these tents are also good enough to fulfill your satisfactory level.

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